The students involved are the ones from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 4th form Fp and 3rd form Hp - Anco Marzio High School.

They are about 180 and a delegation thought it might be appropriate to officially present themselves through personalised slides. All photos contained in them have been taken by the authors.

Here they are...

Erica D.M.

Francesca Q. and a short description of her town, Fiumicino

Monika R.

Manuela C's Working Group
Martina M.

Giulia C.

Zaira T.

Giulia M.

Sarah T.

Mattia B.

Ginevra R.

Francesca P.

Simona L.

Elena G.

Valeria C.

Elisabetta M.

Giorgia C

Veronica B.