Preparatory phase

November 2009 – Brainstorming on values in class as a preparatory activity to E-twinning

Beginning phase (November 2009)

1) getting to know partners;

2) focusing on internet research on partner countries, dividing students in working groups;

3) concentrating on each other's cultures and/or regions online and/or exchanging data in the form of a PPT presentation sent by email or published on the web.

4) exchanging pictures or postcards of each other's country (nature, cities etc) in order to favour mutual understanding, relationships and e-friendship;

5) start selecting ideal activities on values among the planned ones and begin working on them.

Intermediate phase (December 2010-April 2010)

6) Each working group will have students focus on activities such as debates, poetry, fairy tale or essay writing, acrostics, posters, drawings, digital photographs, websites or whatever considered appropriate by the teacher. English will be the vehicular language. By mid-April max. end of April, all intermediate steps will have to be over with;

Advanced phase (End of April 2010 - May 2010)
7) The two teachers will publish works on a dedicated site to favour dissemination of products. The latter will be prepared and exhibitions will be organized in each school on May 9th. Digital photographs of the Exhibitions will be taken and exchanged between the teachers in charge, for publication on the dedicated web pages;

8) digital pictures will be taken during preparation, paying attention not to photograph children's faces in a way they can be recognized, as Italian law forbids it (privacy law). The best way will be to take a picture without their face or from the back;

Final phase (May 2010)

9)   Digital pictures will be sent to partners for publication on web site;
10) if feasible, forum comments or e-mails will be exchanged among students, through teachers, for safety reasons. If they wish they will proceed contact on their own, under parents' supervision and/or with their consent (Italian privacy law).