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Fairy Tales on Values




Once upon a time, when Gangsters didn’t exist, there was a big, luxurious castle on a small island in the middle of the sea. It was so big that the castle of the most beautiful queen was smaller. It had seven big towers and big gates. It was decorated with many colourful windows and flowers. In the middle the castle had a yard overgrown with tropical plants. Many years ago some people planted a magnificent and really big garden behind the castle, which the world had never seen before. Despite the luxurious castle, garden and the surroundings inside the castle lived a poor girl. She lived there for many years. Her parents died soon after her birth and she was looked after by an old woman. But the old woman soon died too and so the girl, whose name was Jasmina, had to take care of her self.


She was lonely on the island, and because she didn’t have any human friends she chose different things like a chair, a table, a teacup and an old pond to be her friends. Her biggest friends were the sea and the Sun with whom she spent time every afternoon. In the morning she usually painted or walked around. She often sat on her friend, the chair, whose name was Charlie, and looked at the moon. One day at the top of one tower there sat a bird, fennix. It was a bird that Jasmina has never seen before. She decided to get a closer look and managed to climb to the top of the tower. But when the bird noticed her, it immediately flew away and scared the girl. She fell down and landed in the old water well in the garden. Then she felt a strange force pulling her out. It was a photographer who wanted to take a photo of the water well, but he couldn’t because Jasmina was in it. He scared her, because she didn’t know what he was doing in her house. The photographer gave her a towel and he took her to the gates where there was reception – where tickets were sold. She didn’t understand anything. The photographer told the castle guards and the receptionist to take care of her. He also told them that the girl was strange because she kept saying that the castle was hers and that she lived there. The receptionist asked Jasmina if she paid the entrance fee. Even though she didn’t know what he meant, she told the receptionist that she had bought the ticket but that she got lost and fell into the wall. The receptionist asked her if she knew where her parents were and she nodded. Then he called for a taxi and ordered her to tell the driver where she lived and said that he would take care of the payment. When she saw the car, she was shocked because this was the first time in her life that she had ever seen a car. She didn’t know exactly what to do with it but luckily a man opened the door for her and she went in. The taxi drove across a bridge towards the city. Jasmina just stared because she couldn’t believe her eyes. There were big houses almost touching the sky. The driver asked her where she lived. She almost said in the castle, but then she said that she lived in that big house just ahead and she got out of the car. Jasmina walked slowly down the street with her mouth open. She was wondering how she couldn’t have noticed this big city from the castle. She sat down on a bench in the nearest park to clear her mind.


She came up with the idea that she probably fell into the future through the water well. Is this even possible? For a while she just looked around. People were walking past her with dull faces and some of them were talking to themselves with little black things in their hands. Jasmina felt very uncomfortable there, so she decided to go back where the taxi left her. She was lucky. The same taxi came and she went in. The driver asked her where she was heading. Jasmina asked if he could drive her round the city, but the driver told her that this would cast her a lot. Of course she didn’t have any money. However, she asked him if she could tell him her story. The boy agreed because he was finishing his shift. She told him everything; about her parents’ lives, her having been looked after by an old woman, living in the castle. At first he didn’t believe her. This story was impossible but she insisted and said that she had proof. The driver was fortunately very open-minded and he agreed to go with her. He paid for the tickets and they went to Jasmina’s room. There he saw a picture of her – it was 500 years old. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The same big blue eyes and those beautiful face bones. Then she led him to the water well. He suggested jumping in and seeing what happens. They did and they were back in the past. Jasmina showed the boy the rest of the castle and they talked about each other lives. The driver’s name was Urban and he had just finished high school. They spent a lot of time together Urban taught Jasmina about his time and she taught him about her time. A few months later they got married and Urban moved into the castle. However they both had jobs in the future, so they had to sneek into the castle every day and jump into the water well. But they lived happily ever after spending some of their time in the future and some in the past.   


Teja Volk 9.A





Angela was standing there with him. She never thought that he would leave her. Now she is standing at the same place, but this time she’s alone. Her memories are still alive. They were so happy and in love. One day he took her up the hill and said: “ You are my everything. I love you. Will you marry me?” And the response was: “ Yes! I love you!” They spent all night there. The next morning she woke up, but he wasn’t there. “Where are you, dear?” She  shouted, but he didn`t answer. She waited for him all day, but he didn`t appear. Some people said he ran away, some that he died. But the truth was no one knew. Angela comes up the hill every day. She is alone without children and without a husband. She will never forget him. That is her story.

                                                                                  Teja Sedmak, 9. a





In the sea there lived a mermaid, called Angela. She was very beautiful and helpful. All the fishermen wanted to see her, but she hid everytime she saw a boat. There is a saying that if you see a mermaid, you will be very unlucky from that moment on – and she knew this. One day while Angela was playing with shells under the water, a boat came. Angela didn't see the boat, so she countiued to play with the shells. Then the boat stopped and a fisherman threw an anchor on Angela's tail. That was very painiful for her, so she started to scream. The fishermen heard her screaming, and looked under the water. They saw a beautiful mermaid with gold hair and a gorgeous face. They wanted to help her, and removed the anchor from her tail. Angela was hurt, so they put her on their boat and bandaged it. Angela was feeling better, but she was scared, because the fishermen saw her. She didn't want to make them unlucky, so she told them about this, but they were still very happy. She wanted to do something good for them, so she decided to help them find their way back home and led them to the coast. The fishermen thanked the mermaid and promised her, that they wouldn't tell anyone about her. Angela thanked them too and swam away into the sea.



                                                                                Urska Godina 7.A 








How did Sardinia get its name? Read this story and you will know.

Many many years ago a girl, called Sardy lived in Sardinia. She was a pretty, brave and kind girl. She lived with her foster family. She had a brother, named Eric but he wasn't friendly with her. Her mum and dad yelled at her all the time too. Sardy had a very hard life and she was very unhappy with her foster family. She missed her real mum and dad. They died when she was a little girl. They had an accident with their boat, when they were travelling round the sea.


One night, when everyone was sleeping, Sardy decided to run away from home with a boat from her foster family. She packed her bags and took some food. Then she opened the door quietly and ran from the house straight to the shore. She wanted to see her real parents, because she believed, that she could see them as ghosts at the place, where they died  When Sardy got to the shore, she stepped into the boat and left the island.

The night was cold and dark and Sardy was a little bit scared, but she believed that her parents were protecting her. Suddenly, in the middle of the sea Sardy saw a bright white light. Then she recognized her real parents. She wasn't scared that they were ghosts. She was happy that she could see them after so many years. Sardy told her parents, where she lived and who took care of her. Her parents knew that Sardy had a hard life. Then Sardy started to cry. She told her parents, that she wanted to be with them and not with her evil foster family. She said that she wanted to die. She jumped into the sea and didn't come back up anymore. Her parents didn't know how to help her, because they were just ghosts. And so Sardy drowned in the sea. She was finally with her parents forever. The island, where Sardy and her family met after so many years, is now called Sardinia in memory of the little girl who loved her parents so much that she couldn't live without them.



                                                                                 Urska Godina 7.A

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A beautiful dream by Selma Fajic 7.A